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Low boots of the Wehrmacht

Price: EUR 269.00

Full Description:

The typical low boots of the Wehrmacht in its early pattern (1940- 1943) had 10 eyelets and 8 hook per shoe and was issued unblackend to the troops. The soldiers had to blackend them on their own.

My low boots are true to the origianls in every detail. They are made of 2.5-3mm "Fahlleder" like the originals. The vamp is made flesh side out the quarter grainside out. The sole is pegged with a double row of pegs and sewn to the upper and insole with one row of stitching. The half sole is attched with wooden pegs. Heel plates and hob nails are standard and period originals or faithfull reproductions made of iron not zinc or aluminium!

The stitching of the eyelet bar and rear strap is made of size thinner linen thread with small stitch distances while the stitching of the vamp and counter is done with a thicker 18/3 linen thread and larger stitching distances. This can be found on most originals. I do not use polyester thread like the cheap far east manufacturers!

Toe paltes are available as additional option as well as pre blacking. Toe pates cost 7,50 Euro, pre blacking 9 Euro.

Attention: new leather shoe laces are rather stiff and hard. They will break if you pull them on with too much power. Give them time to adjust to the new shoes and pull carefully!

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